InfoMaterials™ Update Notes

As part of FHWA InfoMaterials™ 2022 release, two new datasets have been added and three existing datasets have been augmented. A brief description of each dataset is given below:

Mobile Asphalt Technology Center (MATC) Dataset: This new dataset contains the results of FHWA MATC materials testing projects since 2020, including asphalt mixture design and pavement construction data collected through the FHWA mobile asphalt program.

Dielectric Profiling System (DPS) Dataset: This new dataset contains the results of FHWA DPS testing projects between 2019 and 2021, including gyratory compacted samples (puck) testing data, field data, and analysis performed by the FHWA nondestructive evaluation program.

Traffic Speed Deflection Device (TSDD) Dataset: This existing dataset has been augmented with newly collected TSDD data based on 0.1-mile sections. Additionally, new TSDD and GPR data based on 10-meter sections has been added to this dataset.

Mobile Concrete Technology Center (MCTC) Dataset: Newly collected data since 2020 has been appended to this existing dataset.

Continuous Friction Measurement (CFM) Dataset: Newly collected data for 2022 has been added to this existing dataset. This new 2022 CFM data is based on 10-meter sections as compared to the existing 2020 CFM data, which is based on 0.1-mile sections.